Benefits rooted in science

Dec 05, 2018

Speaking recently at the Science Museum in London on climate change projections, Michael Gove, the Environment Secretary, was clear that ‘Everything we do at Defra has to be rooted in science.’ He also spoke about woodland as a ‘critical natural asset’ both for helping to mitigate the projected impact on flooding and to sequester carbon.

Days later the BBC science editor David Shukman in a critique of options for removing carbon from the atmosphere, advised ‘Forests do the job of soaking up carb...

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First Peatland Code validation awarded

Nov 01, 2018

This September the first Peatland Code registered restoration project achieved validation. The peatland restoration project, at Dryhope in Scotland, was piloted through the process by Forest Carbon.

George Hepburne Scott at Forest Carbon, who developed the project alongside the Tweed Forum and Scottish Natural Heritage, said “this project highlighted the importance of working collaboratively with a range of organisations to unlock private and public funding to deliver much needed peatland restor...

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Budget 2018 - Woodland Carbon Guarantee

Oct 31, 2018

We were delighted to hear in yesterday's budget that the government plans to support the UK forest carbon market with a £50m woodland carbon fund - designed to give more landowners the confidence that there will be a market for their carbon credits should they plant a woodland that they otherwise would not have planted. The idea had been floated at the Forestry Commission - developers of the the Woodland Carbon Code - some years ago and it is the work of Forest Carbon and the commitment of our p...

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What difference does 0.5°C make?

Oct 29, 2018

The recent Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change Special Report rather alarmingly gave us all 12 years to save the world. But the temperature rises being caused by greenhouse gas emissions seem small, and the differences between the various scenarios even smaller. What difference would a 2.0°C rise make, instead of 1.5°C? Not much, surely. The IPCC report tells us why the difference is significant.

Climate change represents an urgent and potentially irreversible threat to human societies a...

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NEX Group commits to UK's first ever Peatland Code project

Apr 30, 2018

NEX Group recently re-affirmed its commitment to UK landscape projects as part of its ongoing carbon mitigation programme, and as a part of this programme became the first business to support a peatland restoration project certified under the new Peatland Code. The project, at Dryhope in the Scottish Borders, entails the restoration and protection of 77 hectares of degraded peatbog. Work was completed in November 2017 and will prevent the release of around 6,500 tonnes CO2 into the atmosphere. A...

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Forest Carbon supports new Northumberland forest

Mar 16, 2018

Forest Carbon is suporting the largest new productive woodland to be planted in England in the past 25 years. The project, near Wooler in Northumberland, will cover over 800 acres, comprise over 600,000 trees and capture over 90,000tonnes of CO2. The forest will be managed under the continuous cover method, meaning selctive thinning will lead to an all age forest with no clear-felling.

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Kier Living's carbon investment is supporting sustainable timber in the UK

Sep 01, 2017

With the UK being the third largest importer of timber in the world, after China and Japan, and with

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Forest Carbon supports Microsoft in new Irish forest creation programme

Apr 21, 2017

Ireland’s targets for afforestation have received a boost thanks to a new intervention by Microsoft, working with Natural Capital Partners and Forest Carbon. The programme will enable the planting of trees on 137 hectares of land over the next two years. Ireland is one of Europe’s least forested countries and the programme will make an important contribution to the country’s native woodland creation goals – targets which are not currently being met. The newly created forests will also sequester ...

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Forest Carbon completes Defra research project

Jan 01, 2016

Throughout 2015 Forest Carbon’s Steve Prior was working with academic Andrew Moxey on a project for Defra developing financial models to assess the efficacy of peatland restoration for climate change mitigation. The final report, which also contains chapters by others on the contribution peatland makes to the national natural capital account, and metrics for estimating the carbon savings from restored peat, was published by Defra on 19th January. One of the key objectives of the research was to

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Forest Carbon on the news

Dec 01, 2014

Forest Carbon featured on both BBC Look North and BBC North West Tonight on 2nd December after Judy Hobson, BBC North West Environment, visited our project at Fishergound, in the Lake District. The woodland was planted in partnership with the Lake District National Park Authority and landowner Ian Hall, with the carbon funding provided by ICAP. The new native woodland, a few miles inland from Ravenglass in Eskdale, comprises 14,500 trees, planted over 15 hectares, and will capture over 5,000 to

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Forest Carbon develops the first ever grown in Britain partner woodland

Mar 01, 2014

The Grown in Britain initiative has announced the launch of its first partner woodland, a 55ha planting near Cranborne in Dorset. The new woodland project brings together industry and landowners to expand UK woodland cover, capture carbon and produce sustainable timber.

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The UK Forest Carbon market - a win-win-win

Feb 01, 2014

Despite the many benefits UK woodlands bring to the UK – including flood amelioration, carbon dioxide sequestration, improvements in health and well-being, wildlife habitat, and river quality improvement - one thing stands in the way of much more substantial private sector carbon investment in the green infrastructure of our country: the non-offset status of Woodland Carbon Code credits.

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Forest Carbon highly commended at Sustainability Leaders Awards

Nov 01, 2013

In a year with record numbers of entries Forest Carbon was 'Highly Commended' in the carbon management category at the annual Sustainability Leaders Awards held in London on 21st November. Forest Carbon finished behind only the winner, supermarket chain Sainsbury’s, whilst the other category finalists were: Tesco; Carbon Clear with Japan Tobacco International; SC Johnson; and Schneider Electric. The judging panel was headed by Lord Smith, chairman of the Environment Agency.

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Woodland Carbon Code credit registry launched

Jul 01, 2013

The Woodland Carbon Code credit registry was launched at an event held at Markit's London offices on Monday 15th July. The registry will enhance transparency and accountability in the trade of credits arising from Woodland Carbon Code (WCC) certified projects. The registry will track the ownership of credits, and record when they have been "used" by companies or individuals as part of their carbon mitigation programmes.

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Scotlands finest woods awards

Jun 01, 2013

Dell Estate, near Fort Augustus, Loch Ness, was presented with the ‘Dulverton Flagon’ by Paul Wheelhouse MSP, the Scottish environment minister, at the Royal Highland Show on Friday 21st June, for its 322-hectare Ardochy new forest. The award cites the project's "successful integration of commercial forestry with native woodland creation and carbon sequestration".

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First WCC group validation

Mar 01, 2013

Since late 2012 Forest Carbon has been working with the Forestry Commission and its Woodland Carbon

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Climate North East interview

Feb 01, 2013

Forest Carbon's Steve Prior interviewed for Climate North East

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A few days in Berlin

Jan 01, 2013

I spent the last week of January in Berlin, sharing ideas with scientists and policy-makers from the UK, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and elsewhere. It was all about our peatlands: For the three days there were about forty of us all working on the next draft of Germany’s MoorFutures standard as well as the development of a possible UK Peatland Carbon Code. I gained the impression that both the UK and the German codes are well on their way to being credible carbon crediting mechanism

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Woodland Carbon Code one Year on

Jul 01, 2012

The Woodland Carbon Code, a voluntary UK standard which ensures that ‘carbon forestry’ projects really do deliver the carbon benefits they claim, passed its first anniversary on 27th July 2012, having chalked up an impressive number of achievements.

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