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Forest Carbon was founded in 2006 with the twin ambitions of increasing woodland creation in the UK and putting a price on businesses’ carbon emissions. Since then, we have gone on to build strong partnerships with landowners, companies and individuals, enabling private sector investment to fund the planting of over 12 million trees, primarily in the UK.

But it isn’t just forests that we are interested in. Since 2017 we have been helping to finance peatland restoration and now, in 2021, our sights are set on expanding carbon markets into agricultural and marine environments, too. A recent paper that McKinsey and the World Economic Forum co-produced argued what we have been saying for 15 years: “there is no clear path to deliver climate mitigation without investing in nature”.

 Our core purpose is to maximise that investment and optimise its impact, so that land managers across the country can harness the power of natural processes to help restore our environment and put our society on a path to genuine sustainability.

Where our
projects are

Forest Carbon leads the way in developing woodland creation and peatland restoration projects for carbon capture and ecosystem services. Through the planting of over 9.5 million new trees in 200+ new woodlands in the UK since 2006 our partners’ projects are removing over 2.000,000 tonnes of CO2 from the global atmosphere, as well as providing a host of other benefits to society, including flood mitigation, river improvement and public access.

The quality of our schemes is assured by the UK government’s Woodland Carbon Code and the IUCN's Peatland Code, both of which certify our projects in important areas like additionality, permanence, risk management and carbon capture measurement.

Compensating for your unavoidable environmental impact by helping to create a new woodland or restore a degraded peatland is rewarding in many ways. Check out our project location map to see what we've done in different parts of the UK.

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