Project registration

Expert support with Woodland Carbon Code or Peatland Code registration

If you’re planting a woodland or restoring a peatland in the UK, and you might want to sell the carbon credits it will generate, you must register it with the Woodland Carbon Code or Peatland Code. Land managers and owners have been turning to Forest Carbon for help with this process since we were the first to certify a project under the Woodland Carbon Code in 2011.

Working with Forest Carbon to register a project means:

What does registration entail?

Registration is the first of three steps in Woodland Carbon Code (WCC) and Peatland Code (PC) certification. We can help you with the entire process, or with just one or two of the stages. Jump to Project Validation (stage 2) or Project Verification (stage 3). 

Flow chart showing Woodland Carbon Code and Peatland Code certification process and timelines

Registration can take up to 2 weeks (from receiving the required documentation) to complete. We assist project hosts intending to validate a project through one of the Codes with registration free of charge.

The two most important things to know about registration are: 

Otherwise, registration tends to be relatively straightforward. We will send you a form to fill out, which will give us the information we need to register your project and complete the indicative carbon calculation. For woodland projects, you will need to supply a project map, but we can guide you on what it should look like and how to do it. For peatland projects, where the mapping is more complex, we can create a detailed project map for you. 

Before completing the registration, we will relay the carbon calculations and confirm that you’d like to proceed.

REACH OUT to discuss Woodland Carbon Code or Peatland Code registration for your project, or continue to learn about the next step in the process: project validation.