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Gatehouse Bank

Gatehouse Bank

Gatehouse Bank was established in 2007. They’re one of the fastest growing banks of their kind in the UK. Gatehouse is a British Shariah-compliant bank, committed to integrating sustainability into their business practices. The bank is a founding signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Banking, which were launched in September 2019 and provide the global banking community with a framework for a sustainable banking system.

As part of their work to make a positive impact on people and the planet, Gatehouse has developed a range of Woodland Saver accounts that support UK woodland growth through tree planting. For every Green Saver account opened or renewed a tree is being planted in a UK woodland project, and the associated carbon credits will be listed on behalf of Gatehouse Woodland Saver customers. 

These trees will be planted in a variety of our partners' woodlands, with more detail on each below.

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Gatehouse Bank at Talla & Gameshope

Talla & Gameshope is special because it offers a rare opportunity to restore a large area of upland habitat to a more natural state. At its southern end the property borders both the Trust’s Carrifran Wildwood and the National Trust for Scotland’s extensive Grey Mare’s Tail Estate. For centuries,... Read more

Gatehouse Bank at Wester Coshieville

The vision at Wester Coshieville is to restore and enhance an area of native woodland through the creation of a new upland oak wood. Other species will be planted both within the oak wood, to ensure that it supports a wide diversity of wildlife, and out with it, to enhance existing stands of native trees. In... Read more

Gatehouse Bank at Lowther Whale

Lowther Whale is so called because the project will see the creation of a high biodiversity value woodland-pasture on what was formerly known as the ‘Whale Pasture’. Originally grazing land, Lowther Estate have decided to re-aggregate these fields to form a mixture of small woodland copses interspersed... Read more

Gatehouse Bank at Jon's Wood

Jon's Wood is a native woodland, adjacent to Crook Golf Club on the outskirts of Crook town. As the woodland matures it will be visible to much of the town.  The project as a whole is just under 10 hectares, with 23,625 trees set to capture over 7,200 tonnes CO2 over their lifetimes, as well... Read more