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The Reflex Group

The Reflex Group

Reflex Group was founded in 2002, aimed at developing more efficient and sustainable packaging. They now operate from 18 sites across the UK with a varied and wide range of packaging products. Reflex is one of the largest and fastest growing companies of its kind in the UK and also has an International customer base. Reflex is supporting UK woodland creation in recognition of its whole operational carbon footprint. They proudly achieved “Beyond Net Zero” status in 2019 and is determined to continue with its drive to be the most sustainable packaging company in Europe. The future includes plans to continue to build upon this, continuing to create woodland and planting many more trees along the way, while finding innovative ways to further reduce their carbon footprint.

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The Reflex Group at Clay Field Slip

A group of woodland creation projects at Lowther represent the conversion of high intensity arable land into sustainable forestry - providing significant local habitat, flooding and water quality benefits alongside carbon capture. The Reflex Group is supporting the project at Clay Field Slip in recognition... Read more

The Reflex Group at Stronafian House

A diverse, predominantly native broadleaf woodland, to be managed under continuous cover sustainable forestry techniques - meaning gradual thinning and re-planting, leading to an all age natural forest. There will be no clear-felling. This management has considerable biodiversity benefits, and in the... Read more