As part of its new Greener Living campaign, which launched in August 2017, Kier Living (part of the FTSE 250 Kier Group) has committed to creating new woodlands comprising over 50,000 trees over the next three years in recognition of its annual 3,500 tonne carbon footprint. As well as working with Forest Carbon, Kier Living is implementing greener working practices across all of its development sites. This includes changes in the way it uses energy, disposes of waste and how it uses equipment. It is also helping new home buyers at all Kier developments to become more energy efficient in everyday life, providing guidance on using household appliances, transport and energy resources. Kier Living is the first UK housebuilder to invest in the UK’s green infrastructure in this way, and in addition has ambitious internal carbon reduction targets. Kier Living’s programme of woodland creation commences with its 2015/16 carbon footprint, and the projects below are part of its mitigation. More will follow as subsequent years’ footprint assessments are completed.

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KIER at Jess's Wood

This is a permanent public access woodland, south and west of the community of Garnant, created for public amenity, natural habitat and carbon capture. Read more

KIER at Holmeshead

The new woodland at Holmeshead will be a productive oak stand, but with 70% of the planting made up of a permanent element of other broadleaves. The oaks will be selectively thinned leaving a high quality remnant. The site is close to Ambleside and is situated alongside an un-numbered road that runs... Read more

KIER at Lulworth

With the UK being the third largest importer of timber in the world, after China and Japan, and with UK woodland cover at only 12% (against an EU average of around 38%) projects such as the one Kier Living has supported at Lulworth are ever more vital. Planted In January 2017, this new 30 acre woodland,... Read more

KIER at Meldon

This new woodland, at Meldon, near Morpeth in Northumberland, comprises 16 acres planted in spring 2017. Critical funding that enabled the project to proceed was provided by Kier Living through the purchase of carbon credits generated by the woodland. The principle objective at the site is to produce... Read more

KIER at Boston Beechwood

This project has enabled the expansion of the Boston Woods Trust’s community woodland, situated on the northern edge of the town of Boston. Both the existing woodland, and the expansion areas, have parking, footpaths, open spaces and seating, and are designed specifically for public enjoyment. Read more

KIER at Montgomery Wood

Montgomery Wood is a new public access permanent native woodland situated between the A38 and the River Trent just north of Alrewas. The woodland is the product of a partnership between Kier Living's Greener Living programme, Forest Carbon and The National Forest. The woodland has been planted for carbon... Read more

KIER at Whinney Hill

The project, part of a larger group at Lowther, represents the conversion of arable and grazing land to sustainable forestry. The projects will all have considerable benefits for wildlife, water quality in local rivers, and downstream flood mitigation.  Read more