Tree-V specialise in helping individuals, businesses and organisations carbon balance vehicle emissions they can't avoid. Recognising that going EV isn't viable or suitable for everyone at this moment in time, Tree-V are here to help those who still want to be green and protect the planet when travelling. 

Starting out in the historic vehicle sector Tree-V have helped numerous museums and heritage organisations keep classic cars, bikes and buses responsible in the 21st century by combating the emissions from running these pieces of history on today's roads. Tree-V and our customers are here to preserve history, inspire the next generation of engineers and keep important parts of our social history green.

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Tree-V at Tom's Wood

The vision for Tom’s Wood is to create a new native woodland that supports local biodiversity and improves woodland habitat connectivity in the surrounding area.In addition to these ecological benefits the woodland will also sequester over 14,000 tonnes of CO2e in all during it’s growing lifetime, and... Read more

Tree-V at Talla, Gameshope & Carrifran

This project is part of a wider, multi-site project to tackle degraded peatlands across the Talla and Gameshope estate. This land is owned and managed by the Borders Forest Trust, who are committed to restoring it for nature, by planting trees and scrub, and also helping blanket bogs and mire habitats... Read more

Tree-V at May's Wood

May's Wood is a new native woodland of over 8ha, planted in over the winter of 2021/22. It is located in Cottam, Nottinghamshire next to an existing woodland. This project consists of a mix of native trees and will be beneficial for woodland birds. May's Wood will enhance the local landscape whilst mitigating... Read more