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Nominet is committed to reducing the impact of its activities on the environment and to reducing carbon emissions. It continues to do this through a range of methods, from scrutinising energy consumption and usage patterns with the aim of reduction, encouraging, and promoting sustainable travel, recycling food waste, paper, plastics, and all electrical goods.  Parts of this work are investments into two woodland projects; Arnott’s Loan in East Lothian and Doddington North in Northumberland. This support to date is in recognition of Nominet's carbon footprints for 2018/19, 2019/20 and 2020/21.

Nominet is driven by a commitment to use technology to improve connectivity, security and inclusivity online. For 25 years, Nominet has run the .UK internet infrastructure, developing an expertise in the Domain Name System (DNS) that now underpins sophisticated network detection and response solutions that are used by governments to mitigate cyber threats. A dedicated public benefit programme aims to improve the lives of one million people, providing support and opportunities to tackle some of the most important digital issues facing young people today.

Below you will find information about the two woodland creation projects Nominet has supported in the UK. In addition they have supported the Rimba Raya biodiversity reserve project, in Indonesia, through the purchase of Verified Carbon Standard carbon offsets. The total CO2 shown below in the dashboard includes this figure. 

Nominet Dashboard

trees planted

tonnes CO2 capture

hectares of ecosystem restored


Nominet at Arnott's Loan

This is a native broadleaf project, south east of Dunbar. The project is the creation of new Oak (75%) woodland which will connect two areas of existing mature native (SSSI) Oak woodlands. In addition there are 15% Silver Birch and 10% woody shrubs. All are planted with feathered upper edges, to ensure... Read more

Nominet at Doddington North

Doddington North is the largest planned new productive forest to be  planted in England in the last 25 years. The forest will cover an area of around 350 hectares near Wooler, in Northumberland, with 268 hectares to be planted – 42%  conifer, 20% native broadleaves, 13% mixed Scots pine and... Read more