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Nominet Projects

Nominet is committed to the long-term reduction of its overall carbon emissions.  Part of this work is the investment into a Forest Carbon woodland project at Arnott's Loan, in East Lothian.

Nominet wants to create a world which is more connected, inclusive and secure.  It operates the .UK domain name registry and with an expert understanding of the Domain Name System (DNS) provides a sophisticated cyber-security capability used by the UK government and global enterprises to secure their networks. As the world around us changes, Nominet is also exploring the potential of emerging technologies such as autonomous vehicles, and also TV White Space to connect more people to broadband in rural areas. As a profit with a purpose company it has donated more than £47 million to tech for good causes since 2008, helping more than 10 million people. Current initiatives are tackling some of the most important digital issues facing young people today.

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Nominet at Arnott's Loan

This is a native broadleaf project, south east of Dunbar. The project is the creation of new Oak (75%) woodland which will connect two areas of existing mature native (SSSI) Oak woodlands. In addition there are 15% Silver Birch and 10% woody shrubs. All are planted with feathered upper edges, to ensure... Read more