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World Bog Day!

Jul 24, 2021

Today we celebrate one of our planet's most under-appreciated ecosystems: peatlands!

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Additionality: Why do we need it?

Jul 06, 2021

What is additionality and why does the UK voluntary carbon market need additionality to function?

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A Welsh first at Bwlch y Groes!

May 21, 2021

A peatland restoration project on the edge of the Snowdonia National Park is the first of its kind.

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New Partnership: Northwoods

May 20, 2021

We are delighted to announce a new partnership, with the Northwoods Rewilding Network!

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Blackthorn and Hawthorn

May 19, 2021

Attitudes are changing towards these two small trees, as appreciation of thorny scrub grows.

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For Peat's Sake: Restoring Rotten Bottom

May 18, 2021

The Forest Carbon team recently visited Rotten Bottom, one of our partner's peatlands.

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Beyond Carbon: Integrating new ecosystem markets (Part 4/5)

Apr 29, 2021

This blog considers emerging ecosystem markets and how they will interact with the carbon market.

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The rising price of carbon

Apr 15, 2021

These are crucial years for voluntary carbon markets across the globe. But with huge potential comes

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The Woodland Carbon Guarantee in England (Part 3/5)

Feb 16, 2021

A source of carbon funding that exists only for woodland creation schemes in England: the ‘Woodland ...

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Woods and Wildlife

Nov 30, 2020

One of the most heartening aspects of our work is seeing and hearing about the benefits of our partn

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How to release income from Woodland Carbon (Part 2/5)

Oct 28, 2020

The Woodland Carbon Code exists to make financially unattractive woodland creation projects attracti

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Natural regeneration - The good, the bad and the scrubby

Oct 07, 2020

Woodland creation through natural regeneration offers big rewards. It preserves soil carbon stocks,

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Planting Partner: The Borders Forest Trust

Sep 28, 2020

One organisation we have partnered with extensively is the Borders Forest Trust, a fantastic charity...

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Species Profile: Rowan

Sep 11, 2020

As summer draws to a close and we head into the autumn months many of our native trees and shrubs be...

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Understanding the UK’s Woodland Carbon Market (Part 1/5)

Sep 01, 2020

For any voluntary carbon market to operate smoothly, a degree of governance and regulation is essent...

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The Post-COVID World

Apr 22, 2020

The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 is reshaping our world in profound ways. It has exposed the f

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The Not-So-Wild West

Mar 18, 2020

In recent weeks there has been some welcome scrutiny of the tree planting agenda. Misguided plans to...

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The Woodland Carbon Guarantee

Jan 20, 2020

This week marks the start of the first auction of the Woodland Carbon Guarantee (WCaG), a government

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Magic Machines: Why Companies are Backing Europe’s Forests

Nov 15, 2019

Our friends over at Natural Capital Partners have done a nice job summarising the webinar they hoste...

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Carbon mitigation for small businesses and households

Sep 26, 2019

We had a fantastic week at the Chelsea Flower Show - met hundreds of people with loads of questions ...

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Resources and Waste Management 2019

Sep 09, 2019

Forest Carbon is partnering wth the Resources and Waste Management Expo to plant an area of woodland...

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Webinar: How business is helping reforest Europe

Sep 03, 2019

Forest Carbon's Steve Prior will be a panelist on a forthcoming webinar, alongside sustainability sp...

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Trees made from beer

Jun 25, 2019

Yes, really. The Natural Selection Brewing Company launched its limited edition beer The Altruist on...

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Turning targets into action

Jun 10, 2019

After several weeks of Extinction Rebellion protests in London, it was encouraging to learn that the...

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Come and see us at Chelsea Flower Show

Apr 08, 2019

We're chuffed to have been invited to exhibit at this year's Chelsea Flower Show. We'll be in the Di...

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New carbon and energy reporting rules may be coming your way

Feb 12, 2019

What now?

Announced in July last year but coming into force for financial years starting after April...

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Benefits rooted in science

Dec 05, 2018

Speaking recently at the Science Museum in London on climate change projections, Michael Gove, the E...

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First Peatland Code validation awarded

Nov 01, 2018

This September the first Peatland Code registered restoration project achieved validation. The peatl...

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Budget 2018 - Woodland Carbon Guarantee

Oct 31, 2018

We were delighted to hear in yesterday's budget that the government plans to support the UK forest c...

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What difference does 0.5°C make?

Oct 29, 2018

The recent Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change Special Report rather alarmingly gave us all 1...

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NEX Group commits to UK's first ever Peatland Code project

Apr 30, 2018

NEX Group recently re-affirmed its commitment to UK landscape projects as part of its ongoing carbon...

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Forest Carbon supports new Northumberland forest

Mar 16, 2018

Forest Carbon is suporting the largest new productive woodland to be planted in England in the past

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Kier Living's carbon investment is supporting sustainable timber in the UK

Sep 01, 2017

With the UK being the third largest importer of timber in the world, after China and Japan, and with

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Forest Carbon supports Microsoft in new Irish forest creation programme

Apr 21, 2017

Ireland’s targets for afforestation have received a boost thanks to a new intervention by Microsoft,...

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Forest Carbon completes Defra research project

Jan 01, 2016

Throughout 2015 Forest Carbon’s Steve Prior was working with academic Andrew Moxey on a project for

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Forest Carbon on the news

Dec 01, 2014

Forest Carbon featured on both BBC Look North and BBC North West Tonight on 2nd December after Judy

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Forest Carbon develops the first ever grown in Britain partner woodland

Mar 01, 2014

The Grown in Britain initiative has announced the launch of its first partner woodland, a 55ha plant

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The UK Forest Carbon market - a win-win-win

Feb 01, 2014

Despite the many benefits UK woodlands bring to the UK – including flood amelioration, carbon dioxid

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Forest Carbon highly commended at Sustainability Leaders Awards

Nov 01, 2013

In a year with record numbers of entries Forest Carbon was 'Highly Commended' in the carbon manageme

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Woodland Carbon Code credit registry launched

Jul 01, 2013

The Woodland Carbon Code credit registry was launched at an event held at Markit's London offices on

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First WCC group validation

Mar 01, 2013

Since late 2012 Forest Carbon has been working with the Forestry Commission and its Woodland Carbon

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Climate North East interview

Feb 01, 2013

Forest Carbon's Steve Prior interviewed for Climate North East

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A few days in Berlin

Jan 01, 2013

I spent the last week of January in Berlin, sharing ideas with scientists and policy-makers from the...

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Woodland Carbon Code one Year on

Jul 01, 2012

The Woodland Carbon Code, a voluntary UK standard which ensures that ‘carbon forestry’ projects real

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