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The Process

The process of matching the right type of carbon credits to your business' strategic needs can be difficult to navigate.  From achieving 'net-zero' or 'carbon-neutral' to mitigating your carbon footprint - we have over a decade of experience in helping our customers navigate this market, and finding the certified credits required to meet your needs. 

Here is a brief explanation of how this process typically works.

Step 1. Calculate the environmental impact of your business

Businesses of all sizes come to us because they are wanting to address the impact of their operations on the environment. The first step is understanding this impact, and for this you need to calculate your carbon footprint. 

Forest Carbon does not offer calculation services in house, however our partners at Smart Carbon run carbon calculation courses, certified by Northumbria University and IEMA. 

To get an estimate of your carbon footprint, the GHG protocol provides a calculation tool but we recommend you read the guidance and find a third party auditor to ensure that you have calculated accurate benchmark data.  This data will form the central evidence base for your decarbonisation strategies going forward.

Step 2. Decarbonisation Strategy

Armed with your carbon calculation data, you can then develop and execute decarbonisation strategies to reduce your emissions in line with the UK government’s science-based targets. 

This is a critical step; offsets should not be viewed as silver bullet solutions that allow businesses to emit more.  However, offsets undoubtedly have a role to play in funding the creation of new carbon sequestering ecosystems which have a key role in reducing atmospheric carbon levels and increasing localised resilience to climate change.

Here are some useful resources to inform this step: 

UNFCC: Get Net Zero Right

SME Climate Hub

Step 3. Decide what type of ecosystem investment is best for you

This is where Forest Carbon comes in…Forest Carbon can help you mitigate your impacts through investment into nature-based climate solutions. We offer projects in:

  • Woodland creation (UK)
  • Peatland restoration (UK)
  • International

Visit our available projects to see some of the new woodland creation and peatland restoration projects we have developed here in the UK.

Not only will these projects sequester carbon over time, but they also host multiple co-benefits including supporting biodiversity, flood mitigation, water remediation and community green space.  

***Through investment in UK projects you cannot claim to have ‘offset’ your carbon footprint, because new woodlands planted today may not sequester their predicted carbon for years to come. When planting a new woodland, the Woodland Carbon Code certifies Pending Issuance Units (PIUs) of carbon. These are known as ‘ex-ante’ credits, as the carbon saving has not yet been made.***

For those looking to purchase ‘ex-post’ or ‘mature’ carbon credits where the carbon removal has already happened, we have a range of international project partners.  If you intend to make statements around ‘carbon-neutral’ and ‘net-zero’ you will need to match your carbon footprint with the purchase of international offset credits. 

As well as selling credits, we can also offer you the sale of individual trees – so that you can link planting to business milestones. The cost of trees will vary from project to project – depending on planting density, species, soil types, yield class etc. 

Step 4. Purchasing

Once a business is happy with the potential project(s) being offered, completing the process is simple. Forest Carbon issues an invoice, and once it is paid the carbon credits from the relevant project(s) are assigned or transferred to the partner's account on the UK Land Carbon Registry. 

We will need to agree on the statement that you would like to be written in relation to your investment. Once uploaded this cannot be changed. An example of this could be: 

“Assigned by Forest Carbon. On behalf of XX to address their 2020 carbon footprint”

You can access the registry here to read more example statements. 

Step 5. Confirmation of Purchase

Once the purchase is complete, you will receive a link to the credits assigned to you on the UK Land Carbon Registry.  These credits will be assigned pro-rata across a project’s carbon vintages. 

Our team will be happy to read through any marketing statements, website copy, or social media posts ahead of publication to advise on correct messaging around the impact of your investment. 

If required, we can also provide you with a certificate in recognition of your investment.

Where our
projects are

Forest Carbon leads the way in developing woodland creation and peatland restoration projects for carbon capture and ecosystem services in the UK. We have planted over 10 million new trees in 200+ new woodlands since 2006 with our partners removing over 2 million tonnes of CO2e from the atmosphere, as well as providing a host of other benefits to society, including habitat creation, biodiversity support, flood mitigation, river ecosystem improvement and public access.

Our new woodland schemes spread across Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland. They are certified by the Woodland Carbon Code – which is supported by the UK government and internationally recognised by ICROA. Planting the ‘right tree in the right place’ is required though adherence to the Forestry Commission standards.

Our peatland schemes can be found in Scotland and Wales. They are certified by the Peatland Code which is supported by the IUCN. These certification codes assure the additionality and permanence of each tonne of carbon stored.

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