NBS is an integrated global platform for everyone involved in the design, supply and construction of the built environment. Their cloud-based technology solutions help both specifiers and manufacturers of construction products to deliver projects more sustainably. NBS understands that, as well as its vital role in helping the construction sector reduce emissions, it must also play its own individual part through operations. Subsequently, NBS has been measuring its annual carbon emissions since 2019, and has put in place an ongoing plan to reduce them in the future. Forest Carbon's partnership with NBS is part of this plan, and through the plantation schemes that they have funded, they aim to not only capture carbon equal to their emissions but also to provide improvements to wildlife in areas local to our business. NBS is based in the north-east of England. Details of NBS' support for UK woodland creation can be found below. In additiotn they have retired certified international offset credits via the Verra Registry. 

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NBS at Jon's Wood

Jon's Wood is a native woodland, adjacent to Crook Golf Club on the outskirts of Crook town, in County Durham. As the woodland matures it will be visible to much of the town. The project as a whole is just under 10 hectares, with 23,625 trees set to capture over 7,200 tonnes CO2 over their lifetimes,... Read more

NBS at Doddington North

Doddington North is the largest planned new productive forest to be  planted in England in the last 25 years. The forest will cover an area of around 350 hectares near Wooler, in Northumberland, with 268 hectares to be planted – 42%  conifer, 20% native broadleaves, 13% mixed Scots pine and... Read more