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Mid Group

Mid Group

Mid Group is one of the UK's fastest growing construction companies. Founded in 2014, the business has quickly established itself as one of the UK's pre-eminent offsite construction businesses. The Mid Group has won and delivered a number of projects across the South East of the UK, picking up multiple awards along the way.

Mid group works with a range of clients, from the Public Sector, to private developers, helping them realise the maximum value from their investment in a new construction project.

Mid Group began working with Forest Carbon in early 2019, with various individual construction projects joining the Carbon Club. In late 2019 Mid Group decided to invest in its own carbon woodland for the whole business. 

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Mid Group at Hyde Woodland

The new planting at Hyde, Cranborne, Dorset, is a mixed native and coniferous sustainable timber project, which will produce considerable biodiversity benefits in time. The woodland will be managed under a continuous cover system, which is also known as 'close-to-nature-forestry' as involves the... Read more