The Labour Party

The Labour Party

Delegates at the Labour Party annual conference have been making individual contributons to UK woodland creation in recognition of the environmental impact of the conference and their travel to it.

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The Labour Party at Rottal

In addition to capturing atmospheric CO2 this project is a riparian planting designed to protect and enhance populations of freshwater pearl mussels and salmon under the UK wide ‘Pearls in Peril’ project. The river protected by this project is internationally important for its fish populations. The woodland... Read more

The Labour Party at Jess's Wood

This is a permanent public access woodland, south and west of the community of Garnant, created for public amenity, natural habitat and carbon capture.The Labour Party's contribution to this project was made by delegates at its 2017 conference in recognition of each individual's travel to the conference. Read more

The Labour Party at Lynbreck

This project is part of a long term programme by the new owners of  Lynbreck croft to restore woodland and biodiversity to overgrazed  hillsides. The croft has been purchased specifically as a wide-ranging  environmental improvement project. This new woodland will also  contribute... Read more

The Labour Party at Joanna's Wood

This is a public access native broadleaf woodland adjacent to the B6310 between the villages of Shotley Bridge and Medomsley in County Durham. Read more

The Labour Party at Sunny Brow Farm

The new planting at Sunny Brow increases the woodland on the farm by nearly 50%. The long term vision is to manage these areas to maintain the continuity of long term wooded habitat to support species diversity by creating a mixture of coppice with standards and high forest. There will be sustainable... Read more