DEYA Brewing

DEYA Brewing

Founded in 2015, DEYA takes a holistic approach to business (and brewing), striving to be a better company for  employees, customers, community, and planet. Sustainability is a multi-faceted issue, and DEYA are trying to be proactive and transparent in tackling this issue, and do what they can internally and externally as a company. DEYA has taken many in-house measures, both large and small, to help reduce the carbon footprint as a company, and a full Carbon Footprint audit was completed to allow them to quantify and reduce their impact on the environment. Alongiside this DEYA has made a multi-year investment in supporting a peatland restoration project in Snowdonia. This is the start of our journey in becoming more sustainable, and in turn, a better company.

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DEYA Brewing at Bwlch y Groes

This project sits within the Berwyn and South Clwyd mountains, running along the border of Snowdonia National Park. Like many upland sites it has experienced centuries of burning and overgrazing, reducing it from a complex mosaic of scrub, heath and mire into a simplified mix of grassland and degraded... Read more