Carbon Club

Carbon Club

We set up our Carbon Clubs because experience told us that many individuals and small businesses wanted to do more about their environmental footprint, but just lacked the time to look into it further, or the resources to carry out a full carbon footprint assessment. Club membership makes it simple - just choose from one of our pre-set footprint levels, based on your business activity or household size, and let us do the rest. Not only do these new woodlands capture CO2 – the main driver of climate change - they also enable us to adapt to a changing climate by helping to reduce flooding. On top of this they offer a host of other benefits, including cleaner air and rivers, sustainable timber, green space for people, habitat for wildlife and rural employment.

Below you will see the projects Carbon Club members have supported.  

You can join the Small Business Carbon Club here, and the Carbon Club for households here

You can see the carbon credits assigned to Carbon Club members on the public registry

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Carbon Club at Talla & Gameshope

Talla & Gameshope is special because it offers a rare opportunity to restore a large area of hills and upland valleys to their natural state - providing habitats extensive enough to be sustainable. At its southern end the property borders both the Trust’s Carrifran Wildwood and the National Trust... Read more

Carbon Club at Lanternside

The vision at Lanternside is to create habitats that will support priority species. The project will join up existing habitat networks such as ancient woodlands that will increase connectivity and reduce fragmentation.  The woodland is in a Red Squirrel buffer zone and includes red squirrel friendly... Read more

Carbon Club at Swinside Mill

The Carbon Club's latest project is in the Scottish Borders, and is Forest Carbon's sixteenth woodland creation in partnership with the Tweed Forum. While Scotland as a whole has only 4% of its land covered by native forest the figure is even lower in the south of the country. Such a fragmented distribution... Read more