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Our Woodlands and Peatlands

The aim of every Forest Carbon partner is the same - whether they're a small business planting a portion of a woodland, or a FTSE listed company planting the whole thing: they want to enhance Britain's carbon-sinking potential through woodland creation or peatland restoration, and they want to know that everything has been done properly.

Our Woodlands

Forest Carbon's woodlands are UK government certified: they are backed by the Woodland Carbon Code. This means you can be sure that the right trees were planted, in the right way and in the right numbers; that they'll be managed properly; that they'll be monitored; that, however unlikely, problems will be fixed; that biodiversity and habitat have been respected; that the CO2 number we give you is based on sound science and good risk assessment; and, most importantly, it means that we can guarantee that the trees would not have been planted were it not for our intervention on your behalf.

Our Peatlands

Forest Carbon's peatland restoration projects are accredited and continually verified by the IUCN-owned Peatland Code. This means you can be sure that the restoration work was done in the right way, with due respect for ground-nesting birds and the vegetation itself. The Peatland Code ensures all our projects will be monitored, managed sensitively and that problems, unlikely though they are, will be fixed. Using the code's metrics means the CO₂e number we give you is both conservative and based on sound science. Most importantly, it means that we can guarantee that the degraded peatland would not have been restored were it not for our intervention on your behalf.

Where our
projects are

Forest Carbon leads the way in developing woodland creation and peatland restoration projects for carbon capture and ecosystem services. Through the planting of over 9.5 million new trees in 200+ new woodlands in the UK since 2006 our partners’ projects are removing over 2.000,000 tonnes of CO2 from the global atmosphere, as well as providing a host of other benefits to society, including flood mitigation, river improvement and public access.

The quality of our schemes is assured by the UK government’s Woodland Carbon Code and the IUCN's Peatland Code, both of which certify our projects in important areas like additionality, permanence, risk management and carbon capture measurement.

Compensating for your unavoidable environmental impact by helping to create a new woodland or restore a degraded peatland is rewarding in many ways. Check out our project location map to see what we've done in different parts of the UK.

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