As part of thebigword’s Corporate Social Responsibility values, we are extremely keen to set ambitious environmental targets, and to give our global employees a wider understanding and education of our environmental impact, in particular, how we can all contribute by taking small steps to make positive changes.

As part of this strategy, we have monitored and analysed our carbon footprint, and through Forest Carbon, we aim to not only neutralise but to increase our positive impact on the environment.

thebigword is implementing greener working practices across our global offices, including changes to the way it uses energy, substances and chemicals, as well as natural resource consumption. We have launched an internal webpage for employees with educational resources and our plans to achieve our environmental targets. As part of this, we have launched a number of initiatives including providing global employees with a reusable water bottle to reduce single use plastic. We are committed to monitoring our environmental impact and increasing positive best practice in recycling and waste reduction and are excited to be working with Forest Carbon as part of our journey.

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thebigword at Mallerstang

This is a native broadleaved moorland project on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. The project involves several pockets of planting, and has been made possible by agreement between the landowner and the grazing rights holders. The woodlands will be managed for wildlife conservation, and... Read more

thebigword at Trantram's Mire

The project, part of a larger group at Lowther, represents the conversion of arable and grazing land to sustainable forestry. The projects will all have considerable benefits for wildlife, water quality in local rivers, and downstream flood mitigation.  Read more