SoluForm manufacture a range of prefilled concrete bagwork products for the hand placement of dry mix concrete in a range of below and above water applications. Typically, this may be for the creation of scour protection, underpinning, rebuilding or forming river banks, culvert head or training walls, to name just a few.

SoluForm, part of Hoben International Ltd which is in turn part of Goodwin PLC, is committed to fully offsetting its carbon footprint in respect to all aspects of its SoluForm brand. This includes not only the manufacture of all of the components of its cement based product but also distribution of the product around the country. SoluForm's carbon footprint is calculated annually and offset through Forest Carbon, in arrears, in compliance with its ISO 14001 and 9001 procedures.

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SoluForm at Lowther

This project, part of a larger group at Lowther, represents the conversion of arable and grazing land to sustainable forestry. The projects will all have considerable benefits for wildlife, water quality in local rivers, and downstream flood mitigation. This particular element of the overall project... Read more