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SG Technical Systems Ltd

SG Technical Systems Ltd Projects

Founded in 2010, SG Technical Systems Ltd [SG] is an innovative company supplying high quality, reliable doors, access equipment and engineering systems combining mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic elements.

Within SG there is a clear belief that global warming is a significant threat to all of us, now and in the future, and an understanding that this is the result of increasing global CO2 output levels combined with the huge destruction of forested areas that had previously absorbed much of this CO2. MD Simon Chacksfield said: "In addition to global warming we are also collectively responsible for massive wild habitat destruction, the majority of this in forested areas, and the combined effect is putting thousands of species in danger of extinction. To date global governmental action has not been enough, however individuals and companies can make a difference and take positive steps to help redress these problems. At SG we had taken action to reduce our use of non-recyclable / non-degradable materials, and the level of our non-recyclable waste, and wanted to do something to 100% offset our contribution to CO2 output and help with global wild habitat creation. In a relatively short period of time tree planting creates new wild habitat and the growing trees absorb CO2. Hence environmental tree planting schemes offer SG an ideal way to help on both the CO2 & wild habitat creation fronts. Forest Carbon offered exactly what we wanted and our first order will offset our CO2 output by just under 10 times. We plan to repeat this and work with them long term to help create a sustainable future for all".

SG is Forest Carbon's second partner that has made the choice to not only mitigate their CO2 emissions, but to do it by a factor of several times more than required - to be carbon negative. In its first year (2019) SG Technical Systems supported a native woodland aimed at habitat creation in Northumberland, and a community agro-forestry project that reduces pressure on old growth forest, in Guatemala, and in it second year they supported the same project in Guatemala, and a rewilding project at Talla Reservoir in the Scottish Borders.