Founded in 2004, Ravenwood is a world leader in the field of linerless labelling, label verification and pack inspection systems.

Ravenwood design and build a range of labelling machinery, linerless converting equipment and x-ray inspection systems. Linerless labelling is fast becoming the preferred choice for many food retailers and packers as the technology is highly sustainable when compared to traditional self-adhesive labels. Self-adhesive labels require wasteful backing paper, whereas linerless labels do not. Subsequently, linerless is kinder to the environment as there is no label liner to dispose of which means zero waste to landfill, no need for incineration and avoids costly liner recycling programmes. Ravenwood operates across a global network of printers and machinery distributors.

Ravenwood is now supporting Forest Carbon for UK woodland creation and is engaging in various initiatives for improved CO2 reduction across its day to day business operations.

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Ravenwood at Lowther South Park

This extensive project on Lowther Estate will create a new (predominantly coniferous) mixed woodland, which will help local wildlife by linking existing blocks of estate forestry, creating a woodland corridor that joins the southern part of the property with important pasture woodlands in the historic,... Read more