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Initiative Office Products

Initiative Office Products

Initiative Office Products is proud to offer customers, through a network of resellers across the UK and Ireland, a high quality range of office products.  Within this range sits the highly accredited, 100% sustainable A3 and A4 copier and printing papers.  As part of its own Sustainability programme, Initiative Office Products, has committed to invest in carbon capture projects with Forest Carbon, certified by the Woodland Carbon Code, to help capture any unavoidable remaining CO2 emissions created in the manufacturer and transportation of its paper, through the creation of new woodlands in the UK.

Initiative's first contribution will see over 1,000 trees being planted and a woodland area of over 6,500m2 created. Through these projects Initiative wants to not only help protect the environment, but also make a valuable contribution to local communities across the UK.

Initiative Office Products at Croft Wood

The project supported by Initiative Office Products at Croft Wood, Lowther, Cumbria, is part of a group of woodland creation projects representing the conversion of high intensity arable land into sustainable forestry - providing significant local habitat, flooding and water quality benefits alongside... Read more