Ductclean UK Limited, trading as DCUK FM, provide asbestos removal and re-instatement services to high profile and blue chip clients, nationwide. Established since 1998, DCUK FM operate in various industries including retail, mass infrastructure, local authority/government and education. As part of its ISO14001 standards, DCUK FM is committed to continuous improvement and carbon reduction of its operations.  

DCUK FM's operational activities have an impact on the environment, which is reduced through lifecycle assessment of key aspects and impacts. Where it cannot reduce carbon emissions through initiatives and best practice, it is investing in strategic offsetting programmes to minimise its overall impact as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) targets.

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DCUK FM at Arnott's Loan

This is a native broadleaf project, south east of Dunbar. The project is the creation of new Oak (75%) woodland which will connect two areas of existing mature native (SSSI) Oak woodlands. In addition there are 15% Silver Birch and 10% woody shrubs. All are planted with feathered upper edges, to ensure... Read more

DCUK FM at Lowther Whale

Lowther Whale is so called because the project will see the creation of a high biodiversity value woodland-pasture on what was formerly known as the ‘Whale Pasture’. Originally grazing land, Lowther Estate have decided to re-aggregate these fields to form a mixture of small woodland copses interspersed... Read more