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CAEM Projects

CAEM is a major manufacturer of steel shelving and racking systems. These can be found in numerous retailers and warehouses across the world. The management and family owners take its environmental impact very seriously and in 2019 it was decided to support Forest Carbon by offsetting not only it’s own emissions but those of its staff and customers for 2020.

The trees used to offset the emissions are in two sites, Lanternside in the Northumberland National Park and Trantram's Mire on the edge of the Lake district National Park.

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CAEM at Trantram's Mire

The project, part of a larger group at Lowther, represents the conversion of arable and grazing land to sustainable forestry. The projects will all have considerable benefits for wildlife, water quality in local rivers, and downstream flood mitigation.  Read more

CAEM at Lanternside

The vision at Lanternside is to create habitats that will support priority species. The project will join up existing habitat networks such as ancient woodlands that will increase connectivity and reduce fragmentation.  The woodland is in a Red Squirrel buffer zone and includes red squirrel friendly... Read more