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NEX Group at Weekley Hall phase 1

NEX Group at Weekley Hall phase 1

This is a new broadleaf woodland of 6.6 hectares planted in Spring  2013 on former arable land. It forms a link between established woodland  and a similar new woodland planted on the estate in 2011, also in  partnership with Forest Carbon. 

Tree species, principally oak,  beech and sycamore, have been chosen to replicate the existing woodland  where they have grown very well, and 5% of the area is left open and  planted with species such as hazel and hawthorn.

The woodland is on Weekley Hall Farm within 3 miles of Kettering, 4 miles of Corby and close to the A14 and A43 trunk roads. 

Species Mix

  • Beech
  • Oak
  • Sycamore

NEX Group at Weekley Hall phase 1

10,560 trees 5.6 hectares Spring 2013 3,000 tonnes CO2

Project Additional Benefits

Productive Wildlife