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International at Katingan Peatland & Forest Conservation REDD+

International at Katingan Peatland & Forest Conservation REDD+

The project protects and restores over 140,000 hectares of peatland ecosystems in Indonesia by helping local people build sustainable sources of income through agriculture, agro-forestry, eco-tourism and aquaculture. This prevents the conversion of the area to industrial plantations of acacia, a tree which is commonly used for flooring. Conversion through forest clearance, draining and burning of the underlying peat would release the large carbon and methane stored by the area, as well as destroy the rich biodiversity. Carbon finance funds activities helping residents to make a living from non-timber forest products like rattan, honey, coconut and jelutong, fire prevention, eco-tourism, canal management and sustainable fisheries.

Over 90% of the carbon is in the underlying peat soils. The project has prevented the release of  over 37 million tonnes CO2e.

Sustainable Development Goals: In addition to delivering emissions reductions to take climate action (SDG 13), the project delivers several other benefits including:

  • Decent Work and Economic Growth: A community development programme runs across 34 villages and includes tree nurseries, an agroecology school and microfinance loans.
  • Clean Water and Sanitation: Conservation activities improve the supply, consistency and quality of drinking water available.
  • Gender Equality: Financial empowerment increases social mobility for women and inclusion in decision making processes.

Project Additional Benefits

Community Productive Water Quality