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International at Forestal el Arriero

International at Forestal el Arriero

This project represents the conversion of land in the east of Uruguay previously under extensive grazing by beef cattle to high quality and high value timber production, expected to be used for long-lived products and so ensuring continued carbon storage. Forests are re-planted after felling, providing continuous rotations of carbon capture. 

The projects contribute to sustainable development in Uruguay, mainly through

(1) increased employment and quality of employment

(2) rural development (decentralization)

(3) improved national balance of payments through exports and value-added activity in country

(4) biodiversity preservation

(5) improvement and preservation of soil quality

Although established on former grazing land there has not been any displacement of grazing activity. Planting is planned and laid out to protect habitat connectivity. Forestry is expected to employ more than twice as many people in the region as the displaced grazing, and also create conditions for investment in downstream timber industries.

Only 33% of the world’s timber comes from sustainable sources – projects such as this are vital to protecting old growth forests

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