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The Fuel Store at Keltie phase 2

The Fuel Store at Keltie phase 2

This project is unashamedly about timber production to meet the UK Government's call for more timber - we are currently the second largest net timber importer in the world and only around 33% of global timber supply is grown sustainably. The woodland It is planted on land where sheep production was no longer economically viable.

It is 76% Sitka Spruce, 8% Norway Spruce (to favour Red Squirrels) and 5% Douglas Fir. These trees will be managed on a continuous cover basis, ie never clear-felled, creating a permanent, natural, all-age forest. 

The remaining area is down to native broadleaves which will not be felled.

The project neatly links with existing older woodland and new native woodland planted on adjacent ground in 2017.

Species Mix

  • Alder
  • Birch
  • Hazel
  • Oak
  • Rowan
  • Douglas fir
  • Norway spruce
  • Sitka spruce

The Fuel Store at Keltie phase 2

23,573 trees 10 hectares Spring 2019 4,296 tonnes CO2

Project Additional Benefits

Community Productive Wildlife