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Antalis at ECO2Rubber Guatemala

Antalis at ECO2Rubber Guatemala

The ECO2 Rubber project aims to protect, empower and restore natural & social resources in Guatemala through the carbon market.

The implementation of sustainable and ethical forest management practices promotes economic, social & environmental benefits while also contributing to stronger long-term commitments in forest management.

The project has created 300+ permanent jobs in low access communities. Natural rubber plantations require a continuous supply of qualified skilled labor creating permanent jobs for the neighboring communities. Farms provide capacity building to all employees in order to ensure they can effectively implement their tasks. In addition as part of the project's commitment towards  ethical practices, workers and neighbors participate in public consultations processes and are aware of project activities.

Over 2000 hectares of degraded and over-farmed land have been restored. In addition the project uses environmentally friendly certifications to improve land  management practices that help restore soil qualities and reduced chemical use.

Natural rubber forests reduce approximately 40 tCO2 emissions per hectare per year during their life span. Through grouping projects to efficiently access carbon finance as an additional income source it has been possible to increase rates of reforestation. In the long term the project aims to reforest 10,000 hectares of degraded land in Guatemala.

The reforestation of degraded landscapes also helps improve wildlife and natural resources by serving as a buffer zone around natural areas.Rubber forests promote a positive land use change and help restore the ecosystem, improving water and soil properties. In addition projects maintain natural areas around water ways, creating spaces for wildlife and natives species.

Project Additional Benefits

Community Productive Wildlife