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Adare at Talla Moss

Adare at Talla Moss

Thanks to carbon finance, restoration work has now been carried out at Talla Moss, an area of (previously degraded) peatland within the Borders Forest Trust's estate, Talla and Gameshope. This restoration work involved reprofiling peat haggs and blocking gullies, to re-wet drained areas and start this project on the road to recovery.

This recovery is crucial, as restored peatlands emit far less CO₂e and can, over time, become sinks for greenhouse gases once again. In addition to the carbon savings, the restored peatland will hold back more water, mitigating the flood potential downstream during heavy rainfall events. Decreased peat erosion will also help to improve the water quality of the rivers and reservoirs this area supplies.

Wildlife is likely to benefit from the restoration work, too, with species such as red grouse able to capitalise on increased availability of water-loving insects like craneflies, which form a staple food source for them in the summer months. These birds will also be at a lower risk of losing chicks into the networks peat haggs and gullies that previously drained the site.

Adare at Talla Moss

6.4 hectares Autumn 2020 830 tonnes CO2

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Flood Mitigation Water Quality Wildlife