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Allstar EcoPoint at Cochabamba

Allstar EcoPoint at Cochabamba

In 2016 Allstar and EcoPoint members began investing in forest  creation projects beyond the UK, in addition to continuing with their  woodland creation in the UK. 

Forest Carbon's first non-UK  project is in Bolivia, where they have been supporting rural  smallholders in reforestation activities with mixed, mainly native tree  species for sustainable forestry management. As well as capturing CO2  the project will help halt the aggressive deforestation that has been  occurring in this area of the western Amazon Rainforest and also save  CO2 losses there. The new forests will be harvested in the future, but  the application of a poly-cyclic harvesting system will guarantee a  relatively high average carbon storage in the project.

The overall project aims for:

•  Improved and sustainable land use with a total participation of 2,000 smallholders and over 2,700 site

•  On-farm establishment of 5,000 has of small scale mixed native species forestry plantations  

•  On-farm establishment of 1,000 hectares of agroforestry or silvo-pastoral plantations

•  Production of a continuous flow of export quality hardwood timber and improved market access  

•  Livelihood improvement through incomes generated from the sale of plantation timber under fair trade conditions.   

Instead  of planting one non-indigenous tree type in a concentrated area, over  18 different species have been planted on widely dispersed small plots  of land, resulting in significant biodiversity gains.

The project is quality assured under the Gold Standard, one of the world's leading independent carbon and climate change project certification standards.  

Species Mix

  • Jichituriqui
  • Verdolago negro
  • Palo María
  • Tejeyeque
  • Almendrillo
  • Trompillo de altura
  • Serebo
  • Palo yugo
  • Palo román
  • Verdolago negro
  • Verdolago amarrillo de ala
  • Gabún
  • Teca

Allstar EcoPoint at Cochabamba

251,860 trees 228.96 hectares Spring 2015 79,355 tonnes CO2

Project Additional Benefits

Community Productive Wildlife

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