When trees are planted specifically to capture CO2 certain tests must be applied to the project to assure its quality. Those who sponsor new carbon woodlands are entitled to assurances regarding their scheme’s ecological impact, its carbon sequestration figures, its protection, its monitoring, and its additionality.  

For this reason we developed the Forest Carbon Standard (FCS) five years ago -  in the absence then of a UK national standard for woodland carbon schemes. The FCS, which embraced Kyoto Protocol and UK Forestry Commission principles, was based on a double peer-reviewed carbon calculation model, peer review of all projects for additionality, and it all UK biodiversity and sustainability requirements.
Since that time we have seen the launch  in July 2011 of the government's Woodland Carbon Code, and this has superceded our own standard in all that we do. Forest Carbon was extinsively involved in the development of the Code, andleads the way in its implementation. To date (September 2012) Forest Carbon has achieved the first ever validation of a project under the Code, and accounts for 16 of the 18 projects validated since then. All of our projects that have achieved validationhad been developed under our own previous Standard - reflecting its quality.