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Oxbury Forest Saver

Oxbury Forest Saver

Oxbury, the only UK bank 100% dedicated to farmers, has extended their mission to support the UK’s natural environment by creating an opportunity for any individual to mitigate their own carbon footprint by offering a savings account that lets savers contribute to addressing climate change while supporting British farmers and the rural economy.

Partnering with Forest Carbon, the first issue of Oxbury Forest Saver facilitates the planting of trees at Ruddenleys Farm in the Scottish Borders.

Usually, a 1-year bond account accrues interest over the12-month period; however, with Oxbury Forest Saver the interest is transferred instead into the planting of Woodland Carbon Code compliant trees. The planting of these trees mitigates an individual’s own carbon footprint for the year, with a £15,000 savings deposit mitigating the average person’s annual carbon footprint.

However, a smaller saving value can partially address your carbon footprint. £1,250 typically mitigates one month of a person’s carbon production.

Oxbury Forest Saver is also protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) up to £85,000; therefore, larger contributions can safely and securely mitigate an entire family’s carbon footprint. An average UK 4 person household is annually mitigated by a savings balance of approximately £60,000.

Find out more about Oxbury Forest Saver at Oxbury Forest Saver | Oxbury | The Agricultural Bank

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