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The Fuel Card Company

The Fuel Card Company

As more and more businesses become aware of the need to reduce CO2 emissions  they are faced with the complexity of calculating their emissions, and  cutting them where possible, and then knowing what to do about the  balance. Vehicle emissions are a particular problem across the UK –  accounting for 19% of the country’s total carbon footprint in 2012.

The Fuelcard Company and Forest Carbon have partnered to create EcoPoint to make it simple for FuelCard Company customers  to balance the consequences of their journeys in new certified carbon woodlands in the UK and globally.  

Over time these new woodlands will not only capture a vehicle’s carbon dioxide,  they will also help to reduce flooding, provide habitats for nature,  capture other atmospheric pollutants, purify rivers, and offer  recreational space for people.

The new UK woodlands are quality assured by the government’s Woodland Carbon Code. Projects outside the UK are certified under one of the leading carbon  standards used in the international voluntary carbon market. Carbon credits from these projects are listed on the relevant registries: IHS Markit for the Woodland Carbon Code, Verra  and Gold Standard registries for international projects. 

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