What we do

We create new woodlands in the UK for organisations wanting to mitigate the impact of their greenhouse gas emissions and make a contribution to wider environmental benefit. These are companies who already avoid and reduce their emissions as far as they can, and want to finish the job by capturing the remaining balance.

wcclogo270Our new woodlands are independently audited and certified under the UK Woodland Carbon Code – the government backed standard that offers corporate partners complete assurance about the high quality of their carbon investment.

In addition to capturing a company's CO2 a UK woodland also delivers other local and tangible benefits for biodiversity, landscape, flood management, water quality and recreation. Businesses committing to improve the fabric of the planet and the country in this way report only positive outcomes from staff, customers and other stakeholders.

And how do you do it? Simple: the land, the trees, the planting, the contracts, the monitoring, the quality assurance, the carbon science - Forest Carbon handles everything.

Woodland Creation

Whether a client wants to capture one tonne of CO2 or thousands we can help. If you care about the environment, your business and our future then woodland creation is the only thing for it.

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