Our Woodlands

carbon_capture_logo1_100 The aim of every Forest Carbon partner is the same - whether they're a small business planting a portion of a woodland, or a FTSE 100 company planting the whole thing: they want to add to Britain's carbon-sinking tree population, and they want to know everything has been done properly.

Forest Carbon's woodlands are UK government certified: they are backed by the Woodland Carbon Code. This means you can be sure that the right trees were planted, in the right way and in the right numbers; that they'll be managed properly; that they'll be monitored; that, however unlikely, problems will be fixed; that biodiversity and habitat have been respected; that the CO2 number we give you is based on sound science and good risk assessment; and, most importantly, it means that we can guarantee that the trees would not have been planted were it not for our intervention on your behalf.