Our Woodlands

carbon_capture_logo1_100 The aim of every Forest Carbon client is the same - whether it's someone buying a gift card to plant one tree, or a company planting a 500 acre woodland near Loch Ness: they want to add to Britain's carbon-sinking tree population, and they want to know everything has been done properly.

All Forest Carbon woodlands meet the requirements of the Woodland Carbon Code, and we are working over time to gain this certification for all of our projects. The Code was launched in July of 2011, and at that time we had already implemented over 50 carbon woodlands. To date we have achieved certification for 19 of these and we are working through the rest of our 'back catalogue'. This means you can be sure that the right trees were planted, in the right way and in the right numbers; that they'll be managed properly; that they'll be monitored; that, however unlikely, problems will be fixed; that biodiversity and habitat have been respected; that the CO2 number we give you is based on sound science and good risk assessment; and, most importantly, it means that we can guarantee that the trees would not have been planted were it not for our intervention on your behalf.