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Voluntary woodland carbon capture can relate to all or part of an organisation’s carbon  footprint - below are some examples of what some of our partners have done.

Carbon capture can be done in a variety of ways: for example on behalf of your customers, or just to take care of your own operational footprint.

Antalis at Thorney Coppice

 This is a mixed coniferous and native broadleaf productive woodland, just outside Kettering, Northants, between the A4300 and the A6116. Oak has been chosen as it is a native species that already forms a high proportion of the trees in the surrounding woodland and is proven to grow very well on local soils. Trees will be variously thinned and replanted, with the Norway spruce acting as a n... read more...
tree in tube

ICAP at Fisherground

    This is the first result of a partnership between Forest Carbon and the Lake District National Park Authority. The objective is to create a mixed native woodland that will expand an existing ancient semi-natural woodland in the valley. The combined sites include Birch, Oak, Scots pine, Larch, Holly, and Goat willow. The ground flora includes wavy hair grass, lemon-scented fern, ... read more...
ICAP at Fisherground

Green Investment Bank at Parkhead Community Woodland phase 2

This is the second phase of the Parkhead Community Woodland, situated on the edge of West Calder, close to residences and businesses, and linking it with Polbeth.The principle objective of the scheme is to deliver the Central Scotland Green Network Strategy of increasing woodland cover within the region. Additional objectives are mitigation against climate change, and biodiversity and landscape im... read more...
Parkhead planting

Nationwide at Hyde Woodland

This planting, created in partnership with Nationwide and The CarbonNeutral Company, is a native woodland adjacent to an existing ancient semi-natural woodland site – a vitally important part of the UK’s biodiversity habitat network – comprising three areas being planted around the existing woodland, with aditional planting increasing the size of another existing woodland, Croft ... read more...
Hyde Woodland

Sofa.Com at Mowhaugh

Forest Carbon has formed a new partnership with the Tweed Forum, and Mowhaugh is one of five new projects, totalling 62 hectares, to be implemented in the winters of 2012/13 and 2013/14. The projects are carefully situated in the Bowmont Valley, South of Kelso and two Tweed tributaries near Eddleston. In addition to carbon capture the woodlands will deliver the benefits outlined below. Na... read more...
Sofa.Com at Mowhaugh - November 2013

BWOC at Shiplaw

Forest Carbon has formed a new partnership with the Tweed Forum, and Shiplaw is one of five new projects, totalling 52 hectares, to be implemented in the winters of 2012/13 and 2013/14. Forest Carbon is underwriting the carbon element of these new woodlands, and at present they are available to partners seeking to capture the carbon from their business operations.  The projects are carefully ... read more...
Educational visit to Shiplaw

Redhills at Portmore

   Redhills Ltd has invested in the woodland creation at Portmore, one of five new projects, totalling 62 hectares, to be implemented in the winters of 2012/13 and 2013/14 by the Tweed Forum and Forest Carbon. The woodlands are designed to capture carbon dioxide, mitigate flooding, purify rivers and create habitat for biodiversity, Planting would not have been possible without the i... read more...
Rehills at Portmore

Babcock and partners at Shallgreen

Members of the MoD Phoenix Transport Contract lead by Babcock, the contract managers, have collectively contributed to the creation of a new woodland at Shallgreen, Angus, in recognition of an element of the carbon footprint arising from the vehicles used under the contract. The woodland at Shallgreen has been planted for multiple purposes: carbon capture, habitat enhancement and sustainable extr... read more...
Babcock and Phoenix partners visit Shallgreen - July 2015

Valassis at Boughton

This new 4.7 ha broadleaf planting, on a former arable field adjacent to a public road with access rides for public use, has been provided with critical funding by local business Valassis, in recognition of its carbon footprint over the period 2011 to 2015. The woodland is within 3 miles of Kettering town and 4 miles from Corby, and is also close to the A14 trunk road. There is a power line waylea... read more...
Boughton May 2012

Marks & Spencer at Carronfoot - Customer delivery emissions

M&S has carbon capture woodlands at four small sites on the Buccleuch Queesberry estate, all within a 3 mile radius. These woods will not be felled, and each site includes, in addition, 20% of the area as open ground. Public access to the sites is guaranteed. Planting was completed in April 2006. Below are site locations and site sizes. Merkland 1.52 hectares, grid reference NX 8199Carronfoot ... read more...
M&S at Carronfoot - June 2011


We have projects for all sizes of business - largest to smallest. We have invested in our own carbon bank projects for small scale carbon capturers - we'll sell that carbon on to you in batches as small as you like and as often or as infrequently as you need. These trees wouldn't be there were it not for partners such as you. Our woodland at Crairieknowe is a good example: 12,000 native tr... read more...
Crairieknowe, Dumfries & Galloway