Knowledge Base

We make no apology for this part of the website - except to say that if there's something here that you still don't understand then we take full responsibility for it. Please don't hesitate to get in touch for clarification.

The section on 'Environmental Economics ' exists solely to (superficially) explain thetheoretical underpinning for carbon trading and carbon 'offsetting' - it's not called the dismal science for nothing so read it at your peril. 

'Carbon Credits ' explains what carbon credits are, how they work, and how they work specifically with carbon woodland creation. The explanation also includes information on the difference betwee the voluntary carbon market (where we operate) and the compliance (where governments, for example, operate under the Kyoto Protocol). 

'The Kyoto Protocol ' gives a little background on, well, the Kyoto Protoco. Also included is the latest news on progress towards its eventual replacement.

'Forestry's Role ' will explain how forest's can be part of carbon trading, and about the latest thinking on this in the UK.