Available Projects

As well as matching new woodlands with partners before they are planted, Foresty Carbon also underwrites projects in the belief that we will be able to match them to a partner at a later date. Below are some of the projects that we have underway or recently planted, but where we haven't yet sold the carbon capture to a business looking to mitigate its CO2 emissions. If you think all or part of any of these projects might be a good home for your company's CO2 emissions then get in touch.

UK woodland creation is also about more than CO2 - these trees will scrub other pollutants from the atmosphere, improve the landscape, offer recreational space, and protect and enhance biodiverity and habitat. 


Forest Carbon has formed a new partnership with the Tweed Forum, and Shiplaw is one of five new projects, totalling 62 hectares, to be implemented in the winters of 2012/13 and 2013/14. Forest Carbon is underwriting the carbon element of these new woodlands, and at present they are available to partners seeking to capture the carbon from their business operations.  The projects are caref... read more...


The Balcorrach new native woodland, within the Cairngorms National Park, comprises 3 compartments, totalling 19.10ha gross, 14.26 net planted ha. Each compartment is riparian, ie lining a burn side, so that livestock will be excluded from the water edge. Environmental benefits are reduced diffuse pollution, improved insect and invertebrate life and shading of the water. In addition there will be e... read more...
Tilly Smith at Balcorach

Glen Estate

Woodlands are very much part of the local community in the area, supporting jobs in forestry and tourism and attracting new people to live in the area. What is special about the new Glen Estate wood is that it is a native broadleaved woodland, totally different in appeal and appearance to the dominant coniferous woodlands on all sides. The new woodland has wonderful views down onto Innerleith... read more...
Princess Royal planting at the Glen