Allstar EcoPoint at Mill of Pitmedden

This is a native broadleaf woodland planted on former agricultural land with the A96 Aberdeen - Inverness road to the south and the River Urie to the north. The site was previously used for grazing and was fallow in the years running up planting.

The project's objectives are to:

- add to the surrounding landscape with changing colours through the seasons

- sequester atmospheric carbon

- provide dappled shade on the River Urie to help combat rising water temperatures and protect spawning grounds of salmon & trout

- provide open access to the public to walk through & enjoy

- improve flood mitigation to areas of agricultural land down steam in Inverurie and Kintore

- provide habitat and food sources for wild birds and mammals 


Validated under the Woodland Carbon Code.

Project additional benefits:

  • community
  • wildlife
  • water quality
  • flood mitigation
  • Trees planted:

  • 16,000 over 10 hectares
  • Predicted CO2 capture:

  • 5,154 tonnes over 70 years
  • Species mix:

  • Alder, Birch, Hawthorn, Holly, Oak, Rowan, Wild cherry, Willow